Our Story

We love to spice it up.

At Jerah, we come to work everyday looking to provide every customer with the best culinary experience in town. We strive to solve some of the biggest challenges in the food industry: maintaining consistency through our local resources, utilizing ethically-sourced food, and achieving quality dishes that support a high standard of healthy habits. With our strong beliefs in organic products and sustainable practices, we combine the flavors we love and passion to innovate in order to create a food experience our customers will share with family and friends.

We believe our current dish is our best dish, and the next will be better. Our experience has taken us all over the world and ultimately landed us in Costa Rica, serving Thai, Balinese, and Vietnamese cuisine.
Our time spent with these food cultures enhanced our 
palates for spices and our love for the culture behind the food. We are excited to connect with everyone through our food and services. 

Owner & Executive Chef

Christian Schwendt 

"You come, we eat, we talk and such is life."

Christian Schwendt is a Master Kitchen Chef/Master Bakery Chef with over 30 years of experience in gastronomy worldwide. Born and raised in Germany, Christian fell in love with the culinary arts at a young age and knew his calling was cooking for people. 

Moving swiftly through the ranks of the kitchen, Christian gained worldwide experience in Asia, Europe, Central America, and Oceania. He is married, has two daughters, and  is driven by his family centered lifestyle. He is an animal lover, master diver, book enthusiast, and enjoys conversation revolving around innovation.  

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